For me, it always has to do with a good book. Death to my Credit Cards, my first blog, was born after I finished reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It made me realize that debt is the opposite of freedom that's why I had to cut all my credit cards in half. Although Robert Kiyosaki's book is not the greatest resource on debt and money, his insights have paved the way for me to learn about financial literacy. And this is how I came across my favorite mentor Dave Ramsey. His take on debt is phenomenal...Debt is dumb. Most normal people are just plain broke because they are in debt up to their eyeballs with no hope of help. If you're in debt, then you're a slave because you do not have the freedom to use your money to help change your family tree. He has inspired me to change my bad habits on spending and saving. Too bad I didn't get to meet him 5 years earlier. But that's life, live and learn.

This time the book that has dramatically shifted my perspective in life is called The School of Self-Applied Prevention E-book I by the Barefoot Herbalist. It is about curing all kinds of disease by means of fasting  and and eating the right combination of foods. The author, Dr. William Howard Hay, M.D. has studied how complex the human body is that it can cure itself without the aid of drugs or chemicals. In the introductory it is said that, The goal of this school is to enable the average person to be their own doctor. To educate them into understanding that they are the only ones who can be their doctor. To demonstrate there once existed many medical doctors that gave up their practice of using drugs and operations and ran successful clinics that specialized in obeying “NATURE”. The beginner books will give ample medical proofs of what disease is and the simple, almost no cost cures. These books will show that only when a person obeys “NATURE” can a cure be had and to not obey “NATURE”, can be no more than a treatment that can never last. Such profound revelation will never be construed by the public simply because we have been brainwashed by media and the medical profession for years. Unfortunately, I had to watch my children suffer from allopathic or pharmaceutical drugs before I learned the natural way to cure sickness. Prevention is the best cure and abstaining is the way to go for me. I believe that through prayer, fasting and abstinence I will find not only my financial freedom but also spiritual growth and mental and emotional development.

From time to time dear reader you will find me quoting parts of the Ebook The School of Self-Applied Prevention in my blog simply because I have discovered that physical and mental development are interconnected with spiritual maturity. You will realize how you can use fasting and abstinence in reaching a higher level of divine understanding and substantial improvement. Jesus and great saints like Padre Pio of Petrielcina and many others have used fasting to prepare themselves spiritually and to atone for the sins of others. But fasting was never really recognized as a healing mechanism and as an important process in the detoxification and purification of the physical body. Abstaining from food not only strengthens the immune system, it makes the mental processes more receptive and sharper than before. And it definitely makes one's spirit more resistant to temptations. But I am getting way ahead of myself here. In the following weeks, dear reader, you will learn how important it is for man to live a healthy spiritual and physical state by curbing all kinds of excessive craving of all sorts. You will be surprised by the paradox of mother nature and then you will finally know how it feels to find freedom in the truth that you never thought existed before or was hidden from mankind for many years.

May the Lord guide me in showing you that significance is more important than success and that abstinence can lead to physical and spiritual gain.