I was attending Mass in a Cathedral in Mindanao when something caught my eye while passing by their small bulletin board. It was an article about God's call for everyone to be His apostle. He has chosen Anne, a lay apostle and mother of six, to spread  Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and many saints' messages which is called The Volumes. Anne received them and recorded them for heaven through a process called interior locution.

When I got home I googled Anne the lay apostle and was very pleased with the results. I came upon the official website Direction For Our Times and here some facts about God's modern messages for everyone, Catholic or not.

Where do the messages in the Volumes come from?
The messages in the ten Volumes have been given to Anne, a lay apostle, by Jesus, Mary, God the Father, and many saints. Anne received them and recorded them for heaven through a process called interior locution.

What is an interior locution?
Anne states:  "I hear the messages in my soul. I do not hear them with my physical sense of hearing. People often wonder about the difference between an interior locution and the inspirations one receives during deep prayer. I can only speak for myself but I will say this. For me, it is the difference between listening and speaking. If Jesus is talking, I am listening. It is a passive act in that I am not constructing sentences or putting words together. It is a heavenly event and you understand that you have been touched by heaven. In my early twenties, when I began to experience locutions, I walked on air for days after each one. There is no mistaking it. You know it is heaven speaking and you know it is heaven communicating with you."

What is an interior locution? First of all, it is necessary to make clear that it is not something strange or sensational, but a mystical phenomenon present in the life of the Church and described in manuals of spiritual theology. It is not a sensorial communication with Jesus, Our Lady or the saints such as takes place in authentic apparitions. Here one does not see with the eyes, hear with the ears, nor does one touch anything. Nor is it simply a good inspiration, that light which the Holy Spirit normally causes to pour down into the minds and hearts of those who pray and live by faith. In the case of an authentic phenomenon, the interior locution is that gift by which God wishes to make something known and to help someone carry something out as well as the outward clothing of this gift, in terms of human thoughts and words, according to the style and the way of writing of the person who receives the message.

The person becomes an instrument of communication, while still maintaining his full freedom, which is expressed in an act of assent of the Holy Spirit. While receiving the word from the Lord, the person’s intellect remains, as it were, inactive: that is to say, it does not search for thoughts or for a way to express them as, for example, would be the case when one is writing a letter or preparing a demanding discourse. 
(Taken from the 16 Edition of the Marian Movement of Priests, page XXXV. Used with permission.)

What is the Church’s position on the authenticity of these messages?
Please click here to go to the webpage detailing the Church's position.

In a nutshell, what do these messages tell us to do?
The messages are a heavenly call to action. They are urgent messages from God announcing that He is reclaiming His kingdom from the darkness that has spread over the earth. Jesus is asking us to join Him as lay apostles, helping Him in the great work of renewal that will convert millions of people worldwide. His call is urgent, and yes, He is calling you.

What is a “lay apostle?”

Lay apostle is the title given by Jesus to those who answer His call to work in this mission. Your apostleship can be a private one, or one you share with your small circle of friends and family. You may even be called to a more active role as an organizer, speaker, helper, etc. In your heart, you will know what that role is. Jesus will show you.

Can anyone be a lay apostle?

Yes. Lay apostles come from all walks of life, from all faiths, and from all nations.

Is the end of the world coming soon? Is Jesus really returning to the earth now?

Nowhere in His messages does Jesus say the world is ending soon. He does, however, say He is returning to the earth “now.” That does not necessarily mean a return in the sense that we will see him physically descending on a cloud in the near future. As souls convert to God, Jesus returns to the earth one soul at a time, a process that eventually lifts the darkness. The question of when He physically returns is as unknown to us as it was to the original Apostles. His advice, as you recall from the Scriptures, is to be “always watchful.”

Why does Anne continue to be anonymous?

Anne works anonymously because Jesus and Mary have instructed her to do so. She is the mother of six children, and heaven seeks to protect her family from undue publicity. Each detail of the mission is completed in obedience to heaven, under the watchful eye of the Church.
As the Blessed Mother said to Anne on  April 16, 2005:
“I want you to retain your private life as a mother and wife.  In order for this to be possible, souls must obey my instructions.  Anne, you will speak for Jesus and represent this mission.  When you are speaking, you are Anne.  When you are working for this mission, you are Anne.  When you are serving your family at home or away from home, you are a mother and wife and you belong to your family.  Souls must be respectful of this because your vocation must be protected.  If the situation arose that you were serving this mission and your family was suffering, we would take you from the mission.  You have a heavenly duty, Anne, so please advise souls to be respectful.  You will bring great graces to others but only through obedience to heaven.  I will help you with each situation but we are serious about this distinction of service.  Your family will not suffer. I am personally appealing to each soul to respect this woman’s anonymity.”

Are these messages for Christians only
Not at all. God wants all of His creatures to come in from the darkness. The Volumes were given to people of every faith, as well as to those who have no faith at all.

Download The Volumes and Heaven Speaks and be blessed!!!